The power of kindness

I have a shirt that says “kindness is my superpower” and I would like to think that’s the truth. I think that so many people are hardened and bitter. They put so little thought into the way they wear their armor and their self-made walls like a badge of honor.

So many people think to be soft in a world that chews up idealism and spits out is a fault. But do not mistake kindness for weakness. I have never been a Hufflepuff but I would be proud to be one. To continue to see the best in people and not allow negativity to surround you is a huge undertaking. Those who manage to trust others and remain open after being hurt aren’t foolish.

We love groovy quotes and happy words.

Being soft and kind in the face of adversity is brave. Human existence is something we do together and that is shared together. Being kind and connecting with others is part of that experience. We all grew up hearing about how it takes is one person to change someone’s life but it is true. I had the privilege of hearing Kevin Hines speak and he talked about how all he wanted was one person to help him. We have a mutual responsibility toward a shared future to see one and other. To be kind even when we don’t want to, to continue to open ourselves up to heartache.

We walk around like we have something to prove. Like being jaded and hard is something to be proud of. We wait our whole lives for someone to just see us and say we matter. I propose that we all become that person that does make those around us fell seen.

Be kind to others and yourself

Kindness isn’t just something that helps others, kindness is scientifically good for you. And when I say kindness I want to clarify this includes self-kindness. Self-love and self-kindness are so important. Using steps toward self-care can even reduce stress. Also, self-care isn’t just face masks and movies, sometimes that means serious evaluation of priorities and hard work.

So let’s break it down:

  • Kindness benefits yourself and others.
  • Being kind to others gives others hope.
  • Being kind to yourself is necessary.

Therefore, I hope you continue smiling at flowers that grow out of cracks in the street. I hope you continue to laugh at stupid things. I hope you stay kind (and groovy).

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