Rachel James

Bringing back the word ‘groovy’

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

This quote is emblematic of everything I believe in and am passionate about. Public service had been my main point of interest since I can remember and I truly believe it is my calling. My adolescence was filled with me watching CSPAN and thinking that was something cool people did. My first love as a child was the theatre and while I eventually gave up the dream of being an actress, I realized that what I really loved wasn’t saying others words but in fact speaking out on my beliefs.

Born in Plantation, Florida I moved around a lot as a child before finally moving to the great state of Texas, where I adopted the use of y’all and finally channeled my inner love of country music.

That being said, my dream has never been to be a cowgirl and so I elected to attend Drake University where I study political science and broadcast news. I am the news editor for the campus paper, The Times-Delphic and also help out with Drake Broadcasting System. I am in Delta Theta Phi (the law fraternity) and I have also interned for Cindy Axne for Congress where I had the privilege of learning about campaigns up close.

In my free time, I have a personal mission to bring back the word ‘groovy’ and watch too many television shows to count. With my favorites being The Newsroom and The West Wing, both written by Aaron Sorkin. I also enjoy reading and pretending to like the outdoors.

Potential 2036 campaign photo

When people ask me what my dream is I don’t hesitate when I say the President of the United States. You see, I am a big believer in the power of change and determination. This world is so polarized and it only takes a few people to reshape the way we regard politics. I want to practice nuance and bipartisanship. More importantly, I want to practice humanity. That’s why I was drawn to political science and journalism, the ability to communicate people’s stories is so important in good governance. You can know all the policy in the world (and if you want to, I’m always available to talk policy) but if you cannot sit down at the end of the day and understand the plight of your fellow man than what’s the point. To me, a good leader is someone who is willing to sit down and say let’s talk.

As for the future, my current plan is to graduate early and then attend law school (my dream being Yale). My larger plan is just to go out and do good. As I quoted with the lovely Margaret Mead, a few thoughtful citizens are all it takes to change this world and I fully intend on being one of them.

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